David Blagrove - Biography

David's name has been synonymous with Stoke Bruerne and the waterways environment for many years and he left behind an enourmous legacy. In lasting memory a charitable trust in his name has been established. The David Blagrove Charity Trust.

David Blagrove - Biography

David Moved from his life in Reading to Stoke Bruerne some 50 years ago, and Wharf Cottage became the family home where he and his wife Jean, raised their daughters, Sarah and Maggy. He had been 'iced in' on the canal here during the winter of 1962/63 and fell in lovewith the place.

David was awarded the MBE, June 2014. 'For Services to Resotration of the UK Waterways'.

David Singing - Recorded from 'Narrow Boats: Voices, Sounds & Songs Of The Canals'

David's Other Interests - SMWT Ltd.

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